Introducing Malini Maria Narnoli: Head of School, Geekz Microschool

We have an exciting announcement: Malini Maria Narnoli a Montessori certified multinational educator, Kathak dancer, Aerobic conditioner, Bokwa trainer for kids, Swimmer, Baker, Banker, Backpacking explorer, perhaps more than that of any other epitome – a Mother of two lil kids and will serve as Head of School for Geekz Microschool, our elementary school in Velachery. Malini brings a decade of experience leading and teaching in American and British International schools in Middle East. She is currently backpacking Bali & Langkawi, and is looking forward to growing Geekz Microschool community.

Get to know Malini, her interest and passion.

Meet Malini Maria Narnoli

Malini Maria

Over the past decade, I’ve had the great privilege of creating change in education, which has only deepened my passion to continue down this path. I hold an English Honors from Jesus & Mary College, New Delhi and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Indian Institute of Management Technology. I started my career with GE, HDFC Bank, The World Bank(United Nations) in India & NCB Capital in Jeddah and then moved to American and British International School. At both schools, I worked to model and integrate student-centered teaching techniques powered by technology. I helped redesign the personalized learning program. Students began by writing proposals about what they wanted to learn. We then assigned them to advisors who worked with them to achieve their goals. This process enabled students to develop responsibility, which I believe is deeply important to become lifelong learners.

I’ll bring these learnings with me to Geekz Microschool, where I look forward to examining the problems we face locally, nationally, and globally with elementary school students—and investigating solutions together.