Hello English – Indian Version of DuoLingo

Discipline: Language Arts


Platform: Android


Price: Free


For What:

Hello English is an Indian version of DuoLingo to learn English if you know any of the 19 supported Indian regional languages. As you all know, I started researching apps to help my mom learn English. DuoLingo helps learning English but you have to know one of the language it supports like Spanish, French, etc. and unfortunately it’s not yet supporting Tamil. As my mom knows only Tamil, it didn’t help her. We tried couple other apps and finally found Hello English. If you know Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, etc. and of course Tamil, you can easily learn English.

Hello English

It has a huge customer base with 10+ Million downloads and 4.5 rating in Google Play store. It uses crowd source and English educators to help answer your questions. It consists of more than 350 lessons, games, news and articles. It also has an inbuilt dictionary.


Hello English smoothly drives you through learning language. Install and on opening the app, it asks for access to your contacts to use your family and friends names to give you the real world experience while learning English. Choose to give access. Next step, select the language using which you want to learn English. In my mom case, we chose Tamil. Now, interface started to appear in Tamil and my mom easily navigate and play with the app. You can also change interface language to English if you’re comfortable in it. Also, choose a profile photo, name and reasons to learn English. Say, To go abroad, better social life, watch English movies, to educate kids, prepare for exams or job hunt. Finally rate your English proficiency and you’re all set to Learn English, Walk English, Swim English.


App will guide you through the lessons, games and essays. In each of those, you can read a sentence, listen each word with Tamil translation, tap a word to learn about it, fill in the blanks, choose the best answer, match the following and record your audio to gauge speaking skills. All of this with the help of visual pictures, audio and videos to make audience curious, keep learning, practicing and good news you need not memorize as it is similar to watching movies, playing games in your smart devices. On mastering the lesson 1, next game, articles and lessons will get activated. You can also take the test to skip one or group of lessons, if you’re already familiar with it. Based on your mastery level, you will win coins and your Global/City rank will be listed. These exercises help you hone reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.



  • Supports Indian regional languages like Tamil to learn English
  • Intuitive, Easy and Self-paced learning app
  • Need no educator to teach
  • Beautiful User Interface
  • Works Offline



  • Supports only English, can’t learn other foreign languages like Spanish, Mandarin, etc.
  • Lack of Human interaction
  • Lack of support for all Indian languages


How to Integrate in Classroom:

Decide how you will use it in your classroom. You must have a smart device, chrome book, PC or Mac and a projector so that you can screen-cast and project the app to entire class but I will recommend each student have access to a smart device preferably Android tablet as it is cost effective. So, they can self-learn and educators can mentor them.

Let’s say Students have a smart device and learn independently. They need not even create user credentials to login. All they have to do is open the app, enter their name, choose a profile picture and the regional language from which they want to learn English. App will drive them to their daily lessons, games, articles and news. Students must use the app during Core Skill time to learn and revise English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

As I mentioned, Hello English lacks in human interaction. During Socratic discussion time, educators must facilitate group of students to apply their learning from the app to speak, listen closely to the comments of others, think critically for themselves, understand, articulate their own thoughts, connect learnings with real world scenarios and respond to thoughts of others. Also, integrate the learning in trans-disciplinary projects. Say, write a blog about the project activity in the language students learning and socialize sharing it with family, friends and our community.

You need not worry about testing students as the app covers it and tracks the progress my means of mastery level indicators on each lesson.

Talk English. Walk English. Swim English.