Think Different


School failed a K-5 kid? Weird. That’s a topic to discuss, lets deal with it little later.


Why a K-5 primary school kid fail? As the video illustrates, it may be because of the quality of educators along with many other factors. If we have high quality educator, how will they fail? Kids will be engaged because the educator will tap their curiosity, guide their curiosity and feed their curiosity. It will evidently show up in their learning and results.


We have huge talent pool as Engineers and Entrepreneurs but why we lack that talent in education? Is it because educators are not well paid? They don’t get the luxury afforded by Software Industry? Or they’re not attracted to education? True, schools can’t pay that money or lucrative abroad opportunities but with the budget they have why can’t they be innovative? Why can’t they attract talent pool? Why can’t they Think Different?

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